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Loan Calculator
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What is a loan?

Banks or other institutions, as well as their equity, they collect the time and demand deposits in US Dollar or foreign exchange deposits outside the bank, within the legal limits and within the framework of the internal legislation of the need to be taken back after a certain period of time as a loan or debt is the process of guaranteeing the commitment of one of the parties and / or the debts arising from this commitment.

What is a payback plan?

Agreed during use; is the payment table including the maturity, interest rate, installment amount to be paid, taxes and funds.

How is loan calculated?

Firstly, the interest rate of the amount to be credited is calculated with the rate determined during the related term. By distributing this interest to the months, the amount to be paid in each installment is obtained.

What is loan term?

The length of repayments determined when using a loan.